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The Pastore Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

Dr. Pastore covers the typical nutritional deficiencies the newly diagnosed celiac patient may experience, the mistakes practitioners make when attempting to correct these deficiencies, and what YOU can do to be your own health-care advocate.


He then explains why those with celiac diseases (following a gluten-free...

Oct 18, 2019

(Part 2 of 2)

Dr. Pastore and Lexie dive into what is happening to the brain chemically in the days, weeks and months after a concussion and why these neurological changes cause concussion symptoms including loss of consciousness, laps in memory, fatigue, anxiety, memory, food cravings and even catching a cold.



Oct 11, 2019

[Part 1 of 2]


Dr. Pastore and Lexie introduce concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) - including what causes a concussion, the common symptoms, recovery time, and what to do to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at “The Neurochemistry of Concussions” next...

Oct 4, 2019

Lexie and Dr. Pastore cover all things poop-related, including how food is turned into poop, what’s normal & what’s not.


They discuss constipation, gas, diarrhoea, laxatives, fecal transplants and warning signs for when you should book an appointment with your doctor to discuss your digestive health.