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The Pastore Podcast

Mar 13, 2020

[PART 1] Dr. Pastore discusses the topic of mental health and celiac disease after the results of a brand new study that was released this week.


Sometimes, mental illnesses, ataxia, multiple sclerosis, personality disorders can be the only sign or symptom of celiac disease. These can also be comorbidities of celiac disease (simultaneous presence of multiple diseases or conditions).


Studies with MRIs have shown that both white and gray matter in the brain are negatively impacted for those with celiac disease, even if following a gluten-free diet and considered “healthy”


White matter consists of myelinated axons, which forms connections between brain cells.


Gray matter consists primarily of neuronal cell bodies in a a spherical structure that houses the neuron’s nucleus. It also contains glial cells.


Celiac disease patients have an increased risk for brain disorders, but can be minimized if following a MILITANT gluten-free diet.


White matter disorders:


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